Drawing of the Horse

This is a secondary drawing of a horse. My project is Positive and Negative and i though looking into the hourse and see how it moves would give you a really positive response as i though sculpturing a animal for example and exploit how they move and all the muscles and to really show they powerful poses. I though that would be good idea for Positive. But my project is called Positive and Negative as i would need both, but i would like to see the compartment of a anime standing proud and fearless and to see one cowering and shy. It would be a challenge as it is hard to show emotions from a animal face expression. Animals express there self through body language if i wanted to take this further i would have to do a lot of studies of animal behaviour. for me personally something i would enjoy to do. The media i used was colouring pencil i like the use of colour pencil is because it gives a really strong movment of mark making and its media i think you can explore a lot its easy to use and simple. there is no possible end with this medium. I think the out come of the drawing is a success because of the medium. The media gave me sharp lines and accurate giving me the details i want so i can show the muscle the horse has and show the viewers how it can move. I don’t know if i will take this drawing further but i am only doing some drawings for start to bring out my creative thoughts and thinking. 

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~ by bleddynlewis on October 30, 2012.

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